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Blog: Commercial Property Management – The time is now.


Blog: Commercial Property Management – The time is now.  feature image

When looking for someone to manage your commercial property, you need a proactive agency who you’re confident will enhance and protect your interest. If your confidence starts to fade, that’s when you might start looking elsewhere.

The view is that switching commercial management agents is a daunting task like changing your mortgage or bank account, however that’s not the case. Moving your portfolio across to Garness Jones is easier than you might think.

When you switch to us, we take care of everything. From liaising with your existing management company to the transfer of your leases, financial accounts and documents, we take care of it all. We’ll also liaise directly with your tenants so that they don’t even notice the transition. We’ll introduce ourselves and build a relationship from the first point of contact.

We have our own contractors and suppliers but should you wish to use your own, we can add them to our supplier list too.

It really is that simple!

But why should you choose us? Here are 7 reasons.

  1. The landlord is always our primary duty of care. While the landlord is our primary duty of care, we like to build strong relationships with our tenants too. This minimises the chance of disagreements and means we can foresee any potential problems that might arise.

  2. We know the market With our years of experience, we can give you day to day advice on property management whilst having your best interests at heart in terms of your investment.

  3. Tailored approach to communication Whether you want a call each week, or prefer a monthly meeting, our flexible yet personable approach to clients means we can tailor our service to meet your needs. Not only this, we’re also available to visit your site and build relationships with your tenants on your behalf.

  4. Flexible working practices Having flexible working practices means we can manage property anywhere in the country, from anywhere in the country. You wouldn’t restrict yourself in terms of location for investing in property, so why should we? We manage property all over the UK.

  5. Strong contractor/Supplier network This ensures all maintenance and service works are carried out with utmost care. Our straight talking, reliable contractors are screened to ensure they have the necessary certification and insurance in place. In fact, we’ve just invested in a new property management system.

  6. Worried about disputes or emergencies? Should the worst happen, we’re here to manage these too, so you can take a back seat.

  7. Investment We invest in our property management so much so that we’ve recently invested bought the market leading management system. This will ensure we provide a reliable and integrated system to help us care for your portfolio.

Want to find out more? Take a look at our services in more detail or contact us.