Professional Services

Our Professional Services cover a broad range of disciplines, and we focus on the areas we have expertise and knowledge in to ensure you get the best advice. Whatever your needs, we can help you source the right person to give you the right guidance.

  • Lease Renewals

    If your lease is coming to an end soon, have you thought about renegotiating it?

    Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, it’s important to consider your options on a lease that’s due to expire. Generally, the best time to do this is between 6 – 12 months before the end date of your lease.

    We’ve in-depth knowledge of the Landlord & Tenant Act, which is the primary legislation that influences the terms of a commercial lease contract.

    Our advice as Chartered Surveyors should be combined with the advice of a solicitor, who has experience and expertise with commercial property.

    When the end of your lease approaches, options or likely outcomes are quite broad ranging. We can help you take the right course of action that is best for your business.

    Our advisers listen and understand what you want to achieve. Then we use our knowledge of property law and market conditions to take the best course of action on your behalf. This is likely to include:

    1. A valuation of the property
    2. Terms for renewing a lease
    3. Liaising with your solicitor
    4. Negotiating with your landlord or tenant
    5. Forming alternative plans in case your preferred route is not achievable

    We can also market the property if you decide not to renew the lease, and search for other premises if you’re relocating at the end of your lease.

    And when you choose us to manage your property, we can help you plan ahead. This includes dealing with and scheduling rent reviews and lease renewals on our commercial property database.

  • Rent Reviews

    Is there a rent review scheduled in your lease soon or historically? Get in touch today for expert advice.

    Mostly, rent reviews can be dealt with retrospectively so they will not disappear. So it’s important to consider the rental value at the time of the rent review date to decide what action to take.

    It’s advisable to consider the rental value just in advance of the scheduled date. We can provide this advice in the context of the terms of the lease, supported by our extensive knowledge of the commercial property market.

    When you choose us to manage your property, we can help you plan ahead. This includes dealing with and scheduling rent reviews and lease renewals on our commercial property database.

    If you need a current rental valuation, we can provide this. We can also negotiate your new rent on your behalf.

    If you’re caught up in a dispute, it’s likely an Arbitrator or Independent Expert will be appointed. We can provide professional submissions and representation to deal with this if you need us to.

  • Bank Loan Valuations

    Buying a commercial property and need a loan? Want to use a property as loan security? Need a valuation for a loan your bank is considering?

    We’ve many years’ experience in providing valuations for property loan purposes.

    Through high street and merchant banks, building societies, brokers and accountants, we’ve valued single properties, portfolios and a mixture of private, investment and operational properties.

    We’re appointed panel valuers for many banks and institutions, and we can advise you on who when you contact us.

    The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have set the standards for valuation reports, known as The Red Book, for which a Chartered Surveyor needs to be a Registered Valuer. We have Registered Valuers to support this universally recognised standard.

  • Condition reports

    Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, your lease is likely to have obligations for the repair and maintenance of your property. We can advise you on this.

    If you’re thinking about leasing a property, it’s vital you understand and record the condition of the building at the start of the lease.

    We can provide what is known as a Schedule of Condition for this purpose. It’s best to contact us to discuss your individual case or transaction, so we can advise you how best we can help in this respect.

    Unless you’re very fortunate, your property is likely to have issues of outstanding repair and maintenance. To fully understand your position and responsibilities, a report on the condition of the building will be helpful and, in some cases, essential.

  • Asset Valuations

    Has your accountant asked for a current or retrospective valuation of your property? Do you need a valuation for tax or inheritance purposes? Or need to know the value of your property for corporate or compliance reasons?

    As members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, we can provide the universally recognised Red Book report. And our Registered Valuers have many years’ experience in providing valuation reports.