Property Management

When you choose us, you’ll have a dedicated property management team to handle everything for you. From collecting the rent and dealing with the day-to-day maintenance, to handling disputes and giving you investment advice.

  • Rent Collection

    We can collect, manage and monitor your rent.

    As part of our property management department, we have a dedicated Accounts Manager and Credit Controllers.

    This team is supported by a bespoke property accounts IT system. So we can manage the collection of rent for your property, and monitor and report performance to ensure it’s at its best.

  • Maintenance

    We’ll take care of everything.

    We have a dedicated team dealing solely with maintenance and repairs, who will establish who is responsible: landlord or tenant.

    We’ve also established a network of approved contractors who specialise in all areas of maintenance. Through these contractors, we provide a 24/7 emergency repair and maintenance service.

  • Service Charge Management

    Are you a landlord or tenant, part of a multi-occupied property requiring maintenance?

    Dealing with the interests and needs of multiple occupiers of a building, as well as the complexity of the service charge element of leases, is a complicated issue. We’ve many years of experience and expert Surveyors dealing with this discipline.

    This is a specialist but unregulated sector. Many operators manage service charges without appropriate experience and skills. But we have the expertise as well as the drive to deliver the best value for you.

    For a new development, we use our experience in advising developers to set out service charge structures correctly. This enhances the saleability or lettability of a scheme, and removes headaches and challenges in the future.

    We set budgets, communicate with stakeholders, control service providers and contractors and deal with inevitable unforeseen challenges and circumstances. A well-organised service charge is good for both tenant and landlord.

  • Asset Management

    Property management is good practice. Asset management is achieving your best results.

    When we manage your property, we naturally deal with rent collection, maintenance, service charges and disputes. We also consider and assist you on your property strategy and your asset management. This is to meet your aims and aspirations, which might include:

    • Buying
    • Assembling
    • Combining
    • Private
    • Creating

    We specialise in property management, commercial agency, residential development and investment. And we’re experts in dealing with rent reviews and lease renewals, as well as reports and valuations for bank loans, financial planning and condition.

  • Disputes

    You can’t always avoid them. But we can help you handle them.

    Caught up in a dispute with a tenant or owner? We can help.

    Our skilled advisers can deal with the management of your dispute, and help you avoid or minimise the risks.

  • Emergencies

    Problem solvers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Emergencies. They can often come at the worst of times. That’s why we have an out-of-hours emergency phone line for landlords and tenants open 24/7.

    So if something urgent does come up, you’ll have the peace of mind to know we’re always on hand to help you.

    Need help with something now? Please call 01482 564564.