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20 March 2020
Business update from Dave Garness

Given the increasing precautions being taken across the country to protect the health and well-being of all in the current climate, like many others, our teams here at Garness Jones are having to take a different approach in the way we work, and how we support our clients and each other.

As a business which has for some time recognised the benefits of flexible working, we already have systems in place to allow our staff to work remotely and still provide the high levels of service our clients expect. 

In the current circumstances, we are of course understanding of the greater need for many of our staff to work from home, particularly those with children to look after following the closure of schools. Many are taking up that option.

At present, our offices will also remain open, although of course we will be mindful of the need for social distancing, a lack of physical contact and no handshakes.  We ask people who visit our offices to keep this in mind, but want to stress that people are certainly welcome to come and speak to our team.

Like many, we continue to go about our daily business, but just in a very different way. We have conducted meetings this week with clients outdoors on sites, and at safe distances, which have been very effective.

We also have the ability to conduct meetings via conference calls, something we have increasingly being doing over the past few days. These calls have been constructive, productive and professional.

Our message is simple. We are very much continuing our business activities, just in a different manner.

We recognise that these are worrying times for businesses and, as has always been our approach for more than 20 years, we are here to support and offer help and advice where we can.

Although we are highly experienced in our work, this is a new situation for us.  We have around 2,000 landlords and tenants who we support, and the current situation will have varying levels of impact for each and every one of our clients.

Should anyone want to contact us for help and guidance, our team are here to listen and we will do our best to help you towards the best solution.

I feel there has been some very clear guidance already provided by the Government as to how and where help and assistance can be found for businesses, but again, we are happy to assist in directing those we work with in the right direction. 

We recognise that for some sectors, these are extremely challenging times.

Finally, I have found the approach and resilience of our team here at Garness Jones outstanding over the past few days, something I have also seen from the people we work alongside day to day.

If we all maintain this approach of supporting one another, the business community we are all so proud of, will continue to thrive.

Business update from Dave Garness

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