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19 June 2018
Making your commercial property more attractive to occupants

When looking to sell or lease your commercial property, most landlords put the emphasis on the commercial agency to get the job done. While this is our role, we also like to ensure our landlords are aware of ways they can make their property more attractive themselves and in return get a faster result.

When we take on a property, we like to give advice to the landlord on how they might improve their building. This could be something as simple as whitewashing the walls, cleaning roof lights or marking out car parking on larger estates. We know some occupants are looking for property which is good value and there is a good market for this. We don’t expect perfection but a bit of attention can definitely help the process. Take a look below at why we think this is important:

Positivity When we show your potential tenant round your building, we like them to feel positive about the prospect of moving their business there, positive about what their future could hold in that building. When looking at a building that has obvious glitches which could be easily rectified, they could consume a negative feeling.

Holding costs versus the cost of doing the work Some landlords aren’t too keen on the idea of spending a small amount of money before the building goes to market however what you may find is that the property is actually on the market a shorter amount of time. Not making those changes could actually prohibit the sale/let. Making that initial outlay could be the difference between the sale/let going through this month, or you holding the building for another month.

Achieve a better price If your property looks the best it can, this will allow you to negotiate better terms for the lease, or a better price for the sale.

A building is a reflection on the landlord When looking around a building, a potential tenant gets an idea in their mind about what the landlord might be like and how their relationship might be. If the property looks fresh, clean and tidy, then the tenant will think positively. However, if the property is dirty and unkempt then this could put them off.

As commercial property experts, we know the market, and an aesthetically pleasing building definitely gets more attention. If it is suggested you make a couple of amendments to your current property in order to present it better, don’t take this negatively, instead think of it as a positive and a stepping stone to selling/leasing your property quicker.

If you have a property you’d like to put up for sale/lease, get in touch with us.

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Making your commercial property more attractive to occupants

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