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4 December 2020
Welcoming, contemporary, comfortable and spacious offices are a must to tempt workers back from the comforts of home

The days of working nine to five in a closed-off, stuffy work space have had their day, so if you want to attract the best office-based talent to your business, run-of-the-mill spaces will simply no longer do.

Even before Coronavirus struck a generational cultural shift, to both how and where we work, had begun.

The combination of connectivity, technology and a changing set of progressive lifestyle values had already started to turn the commercial office market on its head.

And given wall we have been through in 2020, change will now only continue to accelerate at speed.

Just like the lifestyles the next generation of workers lead, they will demand flexibility from their working environment.

So yes, think break out areas, bean bags, coffee machines, gyms and even rooftop gardens. Think contemporary and comfortable. Think multi-purpose, stylish and plush.

What's changed about the way we work?

Rather than focus solely on amassing wealth, the newest generation of employees want to amass experiences and enjoy a good quality of life - and that means at work as well as in their own leisure time.

Collaboration fuels creativity. Moving seamlessly between different settings is the norm. Different tasks demand different spaces. Brainstorming requires relaxation. Individual work needs focus and privacy.

This evolution of the way people want to work must be matched by the reinvention of office spaces. There's no going back. These changes are here to stay.

Investors must keep up with changing trends

For developers and portfolio holders, it's a fascinating period to be active in the commercial property market, but it's never been more important to recognise and stay with the latest trends.

At Garness Jones, we help our clients stay abreast of developments in the market - advising them what to do and how they can maximise their return on investment.

Location, affordability and tenancy length are still the biggest factor in any office deal.

But with tenants demanding a higher level of interior design and service, landlords must place renewed focus on wellness.

Flood the space with fresh air and natural light. Improve the 'experience' factor.

Implement this strategy successfully and everyone will reap the benefits.

Proof that the concept actually Worx

In Hull, the forward-thinking approach of Allenby Commercial continues to throw the notion of a 'traditional and generic' office space out the window

vNever has this been more prevalent than their innovative multi-million redevelopment at The Worx.

Formerly known as Blundell's Corner and purpose built for the Hull Daily Mail in 1989, it's now an excellent example of how to turn a 'shared sense of community' into reality.

Since acquiring the site in 2016, Allenby Commercial's imaginative transformation has added a variety of tenant-only amenities to this city centre office development.

Now its tenants can benefit from the use of outdoor private gardens, secure personal lockers, instant hot water taps, communal eating areas and bike storage.

There are also plenty of break-out areas. Places to relax, have fun and be inspired.

The presence of a children's nursery and a 24/7 gym within The Worx all adds to its appeal, partly inspired by Google's offering of on-site laundry and fitness facilities to thousands of its employees in Silicon Valley.

Office consultancy & analysis you can trust

We may be a professional Chartered Surveyors with 25 years' experience to our name, but the role we play continues to evolve just as quickly as the office market.

Gone are the days when we spent the majority of our time bringing new instructions to market. Now, the consultancy advice we provide - particularly to our office clients - is equally important.

  • We analyse the demands of tenants
  • We let investors know about emerging market trends
  • We advise what changes to make
  • We quantify the impact it will have on rental value

Offering this expertise may not affect our own profit margin, but we believe it's the best way to stay relevant and make a crucial contribution to our clients' portfolios.

By arming investors with insights about what's going on in the market, we empower them to make informed evidence-based decisions.

The incremental value that has been achieved at The Worx is proof that the modern work-leisure environment is a triumph.

Expect the concept to accelerate. The next generation won't accept anything less.

Click now to see the latest inspiring offices available at The Worx!

Welcoming, contemporary, comfortable and spacious offices are a must to tempt workers back from the comforts of home

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